Frequently Asked Questions

Getting Started

Caller ID Spoof
What does Covert Calling do?
Covert Calling allows you to fake your Call Display when calling any cell phone or landline.

How do I start?
To start, simply create an account then purchase your minutes. Then, login and select make a call. Feel free to try our "Free Call", no sign up is nessasary.

Why would I want to change my caller ID?
Covert Calling is used for a number of different reasons; whether you want to play a practical joke on a friend, get ahold of someone who is avoiding yoru calls. Law enforcement and debt collectors often use Caller ID Spoofing to track down individuals. Asides from the fact you can change your caller ID to display any number you want, Covert Calling's rates are so low they are cheaper than most long distace companies.

Phone Calls

How much does it cost?
Each minute of talk time is 10 cents and billing is done every 10 seconds.

Can I call 1.800 numbers?
No, all 1.800 numbers along with 1.900 numbers and a few select area codes are restricted.


Will my email or personal information be shared?
No, your email is strictly used for you in the case that you forget your password we will never share it or any personal information you submit.

Is it possible for anyone to know I called them through Covert Calling?
No, unless you tell someone there is noway for them to know where any phonecalls originated from.

Will my account ever expire?
No, your account will never expire, nor will any of unused funds.


Covert Calling gives you the power to Fake your Call Display anytime, anywhere and at the lowest prices on the web! The ability to Caller ID Spoof has never been more simplistic. Along with a Spoof Caller ID users may change their voice and record their calls. Sign up and fake your call display now!